Admin portal. White space above pages

Hi! This is my first question so I’d like to say that I really enjoy the community around here!

I have a question that I didn’t find the answer to browsing the forum. In my customised admin portal all the pages are way way below the white spaces. I have to scroll way down to get to them. Why does it happen? I need to find what determines that on click on an element in the menu, the element is displayed all the way on the top of the page. I probably touched something I shouldn’t, anyone had that problem?

You can see on the photo a blank page. If I scroll scroll scroll for a while I will eventually see my page

Any help please? Thanks!

Make sure whatever is above the element you’re trying to display has ‘collapse when hidden’ set…

Thank you for you reply.

All the elements I display conditionally have “collapse when hidden” checked, that’s the rub.

Then check their parent container’s minimum heights…

Hi @dev.xstudiobuild Please make sure that all the elements are inside the group not outside the group. What happen that if some element is on the page then it will occupy the space from top in which it is placed which is most usually the problem, I am assuming you have applied collapse when hidden condition to all groups.

Charu Shahi
Senior Developer at Trynocode

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