Admin rigths conditional removed

hi, i made a mistake removing the conditional of all buttons of the admin insted of make the element clickable. How can i proceed to back put the conditional again. The buttons aren’t there anymore. There were a lot of buttons but now there are only 3.

Hi @contato8 - you can click on “development” at the top right > click on history > at the bottom of the popup you can revert your app to a specific time. This will ofc erase all changes you’ve made in the meantime

…Or create a new template copy and check the untouched setup :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products, @contato8.
Zeroqode Support Team

I went back to the initial template and made all the edits in the “setup guide” and when I enter the “business dashboard” I get a message of 30 problems that need to be fixed. Unfortunately my knowledge with the tool is low and that’s why I don’t know how to solve many things and I can’t find a solution on the internet. How can I solve these 30 errors? Putting 1 for 1 here doesn’t seem like the best way to solve it :confused:

Hello, @contato8.

Can you add our email to the list of your app collaborators? We will take a look at the errors you have.

Disregard the warning message, you can add us even if you are on a Free plan.

Zeroqode Support

just added the email to the collaborators list :+1:

Hi, @contato8. Thank you for providing access to your app.

We have just checked your application and it appears it is not made from the Zeroqode Template. We presume you have copied it into a blank application manually. Unfortunately, we can not provide assistance with such applications since it is beyond our duties.

If you have purchased our template then please make sure you create a new app using the purchased template as a base:

This new template copy you can use as an example of the untouched setup. Combine it with your application and fix the issues you have.

Hope it helps.

Are you kidding?

You must not have entry to the platform then.
After buying the template I opened it and started editing.
I made edits to the texts putting it in my own language, that’s all, I didn’t even change the layout, leaving it exactly as in the template.
After making these edits I asked for help because I ended up removing the condition of some buttons from the admin page.
I used the above suggestion of making a backup of the oldest point I had which was a few hours after I bought the template.
The only thing I should have done was a copy of the template and edited that copy and not the original.
Other that, the only thing I did was edit the text for the Portuguese-br language.
It would be better for you to say that you don’t want to support the product, than to say that I didn’t buy your template.

@contato8 ,

Then there was no point for us to suggest checking your app at first if we were not willing to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s discuss this via DM. It feels like some kind of misunderstanding could happen between us.

Zeroqode Support

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