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Administer users in back-end

Currently you can’t administer users in the back-end by editing their database entries - no “send password reset link” or “change email” options.

You can’t do the latter in the front-end either (!) - only the user can do it. So if a user forgets their password and no longer has access to their email address, there is literally nothing you can do - I think.

So having user management in the backend - or the right tools on the front-end - would be useful.


Yes we’ll think about it. No timeline though.

Hi Emanuel, any update in this topic?

I am going to start to populate my CRM with my database and some of the users have a unused or incorrect emails, but I still need them in the database. This would be a lifesaver.


No not really. You can write a script and use the API to assign them a temporary password though.

Thank you Emanuel.
I would like to start working on this script, could you point me in the right direction, Blockspring? Python?
I do have some experience in both of them, and with google on my side I could do great things :slight_smile:
Thank you again.

If you’re still looking for a solution, it’d probably be easiest to use Blcokspring to create a random 10 character temp password or something like that.

We actually added a new formula that lets you generate a random string. So no need to use Blockspring for this anymore.


Thats great!

Emmanuel, there is one thing I cannot work out.

If I have a workflow that

  1. sets the state of a group called “Group Code” to be a 4-letter string, using formula -> generate random string (I display this in a text element on a page)
  2. Sends an email that contains the state of “Group Code”

One would think that the code in the email would be equal to the state of the “Group Code” that I am displaying in the text element. BUT, they are different.

I used a similar workflow earlier (only generating the random code with an API-call), it it worked fine. Is there a bug somewhere, or is there something I’m missing?

It’s because the random string is generated on the server when it’s about sending the email, and it’s generated differently. it’s a particular situation that is a bit tricky to fix, and doesn’t happen often.

A good way to solve this is to store the random string in an input, that is hidden, and use that value.

Any update on this?

What is the best practice for user management? Building an admin page for yourself?

Seems that it’s still best to build an admin section for your app.

Note - at first I was reluctant to built one and thought it should have been core Bubble functionality. But, soon after building mine, I quickly realized a lot fo the admin capabilities we want/need are custom to our app and it’s nice to have everything in one place. Took me a day to set it all up, but very thankful that we have it now. Has already paid for itself and then some.

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Thanks. Very helpful.

Do you have any info on the best way to create passwords for users in advance? It seems like the only possible way is to have them “sign-up.” We’d like to be able to manage our users’s email/password similar to the way the Google Apps allows (i.e. setting a password for the user, option to have them reset directly at first log-in, and a button for auto-automatic password reset emailed to user)

That’s a good question.

I don’t know how to do that exactly, but I’m somewhat confident that there’d be a way to do that – may require a bit of creativity though. I know you can create tempory passwords and auto-input those for users so that the user experience makes users think they’re just creating a password the first time they enter their email address.

If you search the forums, you’ll be able to find someone explaining how to do that. And, it sounds like you may be able to take that approach and adapt it to your specific circumstances.