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Administrative History

Hello Bubble Community! I need some help, currently I am working on an administration panel where admins can warn and ban users, everything works fine but I want to add onto my admin panel.

Currently when you ban/warn a user you have to input a reason and it will show on there warning and ban, I have a button called “History” on my Repeating Group, I want each user to have there own administration history, an example of this being used: I have two users one named Bill one named Bob, once I click History on Bills sector of the repeating group I want it to show his administration history (all his bans, warnings, there reasons and dates and who warned/banned them.) On the other hand Bob has no administration history, so upon clicking on his History button it shows nothing.

If you need any pictures, or want further explanation on this just ask! Apologys if it is hard to understand I can always attempt to explain it in a more understanding way.

@hascaleb what happens once a user is banned/warned? Does it just update some field/s on their user record or do you have a data type dedicated to these events? If you haven’t already, I’d create a data type to track these events. You can create an option set to track the type of events (warning, ban, etc), you can have a field for the affected user, and any other relevant info you want to capture. Then you can search for this type in the RG and display each user’s history.

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Basically I have a repeating group that displays all the users on my website, once you click the Ban or Warn button it changes the field isBanned/isWarned to yes and then on every page of my website it checks if isBanned/isWarned is yes and if it is yes it will take them to the Ban/Warning page.

Thanks for the assistance though, i’ll try this out and let you know if I get confused or need any further help!

@hascaleb it changes the field where? On the user record? If so, I’d keep the current structure you have and also add on the data type I suggested in the first post. You can continue to use your current approach to ensure that banned and warned users are redirected to a specific page.

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