Admins: The Bubble documentation is poor and often pointless. Here's why

Hi there,

There are many references in the Reference guide that are pointless.

For example, when trying to understand how to get an alert if a saved date is within a date range, the reference guide gives me this:

← range →
Generates a date range from two dates. This represents a span of time from the moment of the first date to the moment of the second date. Date ranges are a useful tool for representing availabilities or time slots.

This is just common sense advice and doesn’t contain what I really need - sample screenshots of the composer showing the text I could input.

Probably 99% of references have no screenshots showing an example of the reference implemented, leaving Users floundering as to how exactly to write it.

A simple example like the below screenshot can save so much time.


Without sample examples of the composer for a reference, the User is left to their own devices, trawling through forum posts trying to find screenshots.

Could Bubble hire an intern to just go through the Reference Guide providing a screenshot or two of the composer for each reference? Otherwise your Reference guide might be useful for coders - but tough luck for anyone else.

That’s one of the next improvements they have on the roadmap.


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Bootstrapped growth is tough, I’m sure their priorities are fairy optimized.

It would be interesting if they tried a community-powered wiki or a GitHub approach that allows users to commit changes to the documentation. That might be a decent project for an intern or community mods.

They already do this with the manual.


I must have been asleep a while. Awesome!