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Adobe Sign Integration

Hey Bubble Community
We’re looking to do a Adobe sign integration to enable users to sign documents that are generated or uploaded into our app. We’re currently pricing this feature to our customer so we are looking for someone who has this absolutely nailed so much so that they are willing to commit to a fixed cost.


Hello @klobassimon

I can help you with this task!
I sent you a DM

Perhaps using this inside an iframe with an API connection to retrieve the document, that might be useful not? Jotform is doing something similar, E-Signature - Form Widgets | Jotform.

Signrequest is also a good alternative.

@AlexanderS Were you able to do such integration with adobe sign. We are looking for someone that can help us do a similar integration. Please DM if you are interested in the gig.

Hi @ignaciozaldumbide
We’ve completed a direct integration with DocuSign and also Bold Sign.
Both integrations are in a SaaS app and use Oauth so the client ‘brings their own account’
Let me know if you need some help.