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Ads into a bubble application

I just wanted to disclose a topic quickly. For those who have been wondering how to implement Ads into your bubble application, it is very possible. I was able to complete this with very VERY little help. I’ve had only small experience with coding, not very good.

I’ve been questioning many people on how to add the code into my bubble app using HTML, but I didn’t exactly have any help. Spending many hours, I’ve been able to accomplish this by integrating that ad code into an android studio project. This took so many hours of frustration and confusion because I haven’t ever done this before, I only used my resources. The app I’ve decided to monetize is called Admit It. It can be Searched up as “Admit_It” on the google playstore. It is only available on Android OS as of right now so if you’re on iOS I do apologize.

If you’re needing help with Ad implementation to make income, I can be of help! I just wanted to let those who wonder if it’s possible, know or help those that want to do this. The Ad Network I used is AdMob, but there are so many other adnetworks out there that you may experiment with. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer!

If you try out my app, please leave a review! :slight_smile:


Hi! That´s great! I was actually looking for that! Do you mind share the way you achieved it? :smiley:

Sure thing! Are you familiar with Android Studio?

Just a little, but I have the course of, that helps? :slight_smile:

Yes it does! One important thing, are you building for the Android Play Store, or on iOS App store?

My main goal was to develop it for apple store, but I don’t mind start in Android if that means I can add it the ads :slight_smile:

Okay. Are you okay with using AdMob as your ad network?

Sure, I don’t mind :slight_smile:

Okay do you have your app ready for publishing?

yes I do, I made a carpool app to whom I want to add the ads, just to see if it’s posible indeed :slight_smile:

Okay sweet! Now what you’re gonna need to do is go ahead and start an Android Studio project in an empty activity and do all of the things necessary in Natedoggs courses for building your APK file. When that’s done I will then assist you with the integration

sure, thanks! I will start doing that, then :slight_smile:

Okay no problem

Hey @astralcfw, congrats on your achievement! I’d like to ask you… How can I integrate AdMob within my Android app? Just to give you some context, I built a responsive web ( and I encapsulated it into an Android app using a wrapper (Jasonelle), as explained by @JohnMark on this thread (thank you once more!). Just for your info, I’m using Android Studio to export the app, which is now available on Google Play.

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if there was a Bubble plugin/integration to easily add the AdMob code?

Let’s see if we can find a way to mix both parts of the equation (easy Android wrapper plus a way to include AdMob). Thanks a bunch!


Hi! I really need help with this! I made a post a couple days ago but have had no success. I want to put ads on my app but there seem to be no videos or posts teaching how to do this and I can’t figure it out on my on.
If you could help that would be much appreciated!!

This is the post I made:

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