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I have an e-commerce website and I have a PRODUCT which has various variables. COLOR is one of them, and it is a list (one PRODUCT can have multiple COLORS). The second one is SIZE, and each product has one SIZE. The last one is DESIGN, and each product has one DESIGN as well.

On the product page, I would like to be able to show similar products, 4 of them. I would like to know how can I give a score to each match.

For example:


How can I make a filter that would consider the most amount of matches between each of these variables where not every variable would count the same? A COLOR match would be the most important thing if both MATCH, and SIZE would matter the second, and DESING the third.

How do you think this could work? Do you have any idea or can you forward me to the right direction? Thank you!

Best way to show similar products on an E-commerce site is to show products that are similar based on a Category.

You could think through how you want the matching system to work and then create a set of scores so as to show items that match based on the patterns you want them to match based on.

Up to you to consider how much ‘weight’ or the amount they count.

Is there just two colors for one product or can a product have more than two colors? If it is just two colors then you would use an advanced filter to utilize the ‘intersects’ operator. You can check the Bubble manual for how to use the intersects operator or search the forum for threads on it. With the intersect operator you can determine how many matches between two lists must match, so even if the product will have more than two colors, you can set up the intersects with filter on the list of colors to see if at least two match.

And they would have you believe size doesn’t matter.

Personally, it sounds like you will need to first search and constrain by the color matches, then take that list and filter it based on the size matching and lastly take the result of filter for size and filter it for design.

Again, personally, I wouldn’t even bother with it, as you are making a giant assumption that the users of the app will have the same opinion as you regarding the importance of color versus size versus design.

In my opinion, matters more than color since I can not fit into a small, so I’d never want a e-commerce site to recommend a product that will not fit me. I also don’t think color is more important that design as the design in my opinion will be more important because that is what I will feel, and I place more importance on a purchase on the way it feels rather than the color since a beautiful color with a terrible design will not be something I purchase.

Easiest way, just put categories on your products as they should have, then show a set of 4 products that are in the same category and add some constraints to only show products that have the same color choices (intersects with using Advanced filter) and match the same size exactly and match the same design exactly.

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Thank you so much for your response. I will try to do exactly what you said with intersects, it just didn’t cross my mind.

The products that I am selling are not clothes, that’s why it is important to match them by the factors in order that I wrote. Actually, it is a very unique type of product for photographers, that very few people outside of the photography industry heard of :slight_smile:

You can check it out if you have spare time at ZOOM Backdrops - Hand-Painted Backdrops

Thank you so much again for your solution! It was a huge help. I will get to work right now :slight_smile:

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