Advanced Bootcamp in Paris next month

That’s it, it’s decided. :drum:

HackerHouse launches a Bubble Piscine. :heart_eyes:

I will be one of the instructors. :star_struck:
We will offer a month of total immersion and programming in Bubble from our HackerHouse Generator in Paris.

How does it work? :thinking:

  1. We offer a pass where you can sleep on site for 1 month or more

  2. We give you a few Bubble lessons and a lot of practical cases to directly apply to your project :fire:

  3. We will pay our host with your pass and collect our service fees so that the Piscine remains free :boxing_glove:

  4. We will have common dinners with all the students and instructors :beers:

The Goal? :facepunch:

Each person can create their site quickly or gain no-code skills with the help of Bubble experts :sunglasses:

It starts next month. GOOOOO !

PS: In fact, we received too many bubble missions on Malt so we thought we were going to do like 42: help the most motivated people. But hey, it’s a secret :eyes:


Hello !

What is the program for bubble advanced app ?

We will cover

  • mobile responsive
  • stripe marketplace
  • advanced SEO : content spinning, JSON-LD…
  • product design
  • integration testings

And more depending on how students move fast