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Advanced Bubble users, what's a neat trick you recently discovered?

Wow, I love everything about this thread. 2 favorites.

First: Scheduling recursive workflows (I posted about it). Watch out for their sharp edges, though.

Second: A guide to advanced use of reusables. I can’t thank you enough, @petter. It has changed my life. Makes everything soooo much easier to focus on.


Glad to hear that @rico.trevisan :slight_smile:

Advanced use of reusables was helpful. I also have one minor trick.

When you click on a group and change it’s height or width, hold down CTRL at the same time while changing the size, this will drag both ends of the group to resize.

Saves time when you group elements and want to add some padding.


Do when input is focused is not an option in the workflows tab. So you can either:

  1. copy-paste the condition from the Design tab (thread) (hat tip to @boston85719)


  1. use a shape element as a hook: YouTube link - should go to the correct timestamp 13:04 (hat tip to @romanmg)
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So many hacks here that feels like the design should take them in consideration

An empty value counts as less than zero! By that I mean that the following condition placed on an empty value will return yes:

(Value is empty)
Value ≤ 0 returns yes

This may have been obvious to everyone else, but I’ve been setting up a huge number of unnecessary is 0 or is empty conditions when all I need to do was replace is with :sweat_smile:


Too bad there isn’t an opposite for is not empty and is not 0 :confused:

Wouldn’t this work Value > 0?

Also, thanks for reviving this thread. I’d forgotten about the tips I shared.

Speaking of tips, someone shared one that Keith shared. When you have a boolean value that you need to change, Instead of having 2 separate workflows:

  1. if yes set someElementState to no
  2. if no set someElementState to yes

Have only 1 workflow

  1. set state = someElementState is no.

It will automatically switch between the 2 states.

  • When the original state is yes the someElementState is no evaluation will equal no
  • When it’s no the someElementState is no will equal yes.

Kinda brilliant in its simplicity.


In my case it would be greater or less than 0 so that wouldn’t work unfortunately

Have you tried value < > 0? Does that work for your situation?

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It doesn’t display <>, it only shows “is not” which didn’t work

Hey @Boost :wave:

:thinking: That’s a tough one. A screenshot might help. Is your dataType field a number? Or text?

It’s a number

@Boost Yeah. I came across that issue in the conditionals tab too. Not sure why ‘is not’ doesn’t work. Might be a bug.

The <> functionality only shows up when you do a search and put it in the constraints.

In this case, maybe that would work? Just add ‘<> 0’ in your Search. Because the sum of all 0s would be 0. :thinking:

A bit of a revelation I had to get around Bubble not allowing duplicate values in lists, make all lists as text and add the value

_List:count+1 :append “||” :append “value you want to store on list”

This creates a unique value in the list regardless of the value you actually want to store. Then use

_List #item :split by “||”#item 2

To get the actual value out of the list (for number values just add :converted to number at the end).