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Advanced Export to PDF Plug-in


Wondering if there is any advice you can give me about how to design my element content such that it exports to a standard A4 PDF that is only one page. My app includes an element consisting of a complex grid displaying hundreds of values which are populated dynamically. When I designed this element I did so at a larger size… roughly 2300 px wide by 1380 px high. When I render this element in a PDF (Settings… A4, Portrait, full width and a custom page size set to 8.5, 10) the document always outputs with a second blank page. While the quality of the element displayed on page one of the PDF is really good, I need to figure out how to limit the rendered output to a single page.

One other note. I also created my complex grid element at scale (i.e., at a scale that fits A4 page size). While this effort produces a PDF that renders the element to a single page, the quality is very much degraded.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. I’m also happy to share my app privately with anyone who believes they can help me.