Advanced Filter? Show only records where list field has count > 3

Hey Forum,

I am trying to show records in a repeating group or map with a field where users get added; it’s like an up-voting system. The issue is, I only want to show records that have three people who have voted for it.

When I ‘do a search for’ the records, I add a filter: Advanced: 'Do a search for trips:Users list:count is greater than or equal to 3, but it still shows all records? Does anyone know what I am missing?

Hi there, @ben4… shouldn’t the advanced filter be something like This Trip Location & Markerss's Up Votes:count>=3 as opposed to doing another search in the filter?


I though about that, but don’t think I tried it. I just put it together that way and will respond when something has 3 upvotes. Thank you @mikeloc.


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It definitely worked. Not sure what my problem was when I tried it earlier.

Thank you @mikeloc

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