Advanced Filter: This Objects JSON Compare MISSING


Does anybody have access to this Advanced Filter?

I can’t find the json_compare after adding the ‘this objects’ in the dynamic expression.

Never seen that

Support recently told me to use it as my need for saving url encoded values results in more than 250 characters.

I hope it is still a thing.

I’m hoping this is what you’re looking for and that I’m not just showing you something you already know! In my use-case, I choose ‘Filtered’, and then in the filter window that pops up, instead of choosing another field, that list offers the ‘Advanced’ option:

Thank you @msgiblin. In my literal interpretation of the manual I was under the impression that the json_compare portion of the dynamic expression provided by the manual of "<this object>'s json_compare = <search criteria>" was that the json_compare portion was a built in data field of some kind.

As it turns out, the json_compare component was supposed to be an ‘example’ data field, so instead of the manual reading "<this object>'s <data field> = <search criteria>"making it easy for a literal person like myself to understand, the manual threw my through a loop trying to track down the json_compare portion.



I got excited I thought it was like some built in JSON parsing or something :sob: to compared properties between two objects

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