[ADVANCED FORMS] Dynamically created input fields in repeating group - how to access data in workflow

Following problem:

I have a Dropdown, and depending on the selection a repeating list gets populated.

Each row in the repeating list has an input field (a text input).

How can I access these input fields in a workflow, as they all have the same name?

My idea: I can give them all a different ID Attribute, depending on the row, but how can I access the input then? I was hoping there is something like a GetElementByIdAttribute(), but I couldn’t find anything.

Thank you for your help.

Hey @dev60 ,

Bubble doesn’t have a built-in way to extract input values in real-time from RG cells. There are plenty of plugins to help you with this though like RepeatingGroup Tools (bdk) Plugin | Bubble and Orchestra (repeating group addon) Plugin | Bubble.

Your mind is going in the right direction though with the ID attribute – both of the plugins above work off this concept.

Depending on what you’re doing, you can also trigger workflows when a user interacts within anything inside the cell, extracting values that way too (save to db or custom state).

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Gaby
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