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Advanced MapBox Maps Plugin Launched!

Hi all, we’ve launched our Advanced MapBox plugin for Bubble!

It has many unique features, with which you can:

  • Add multiple lines, markers and polygons using desired coordinates;
  • Use any image as a marker, letting you make your map shiny and unique;
  • Draw lines, polygons or place markers interactively on the map, no numbers needed;
  • Choose any color for your lines and polygons;
  • Save the map data you add for future use - changes to the map are saved in the Bubble app’s database.

You can install the plugin and find its documentation on the plugin page.

The plugin was made by Idea Link, the No Code agency.

I’d mean a lot to us if you tried our latest creation and wrote a review, thanks!
If there are any questions or suggestions, you can post them here as well, any feedback is appreciated. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: