Advanced: RG Sort order

I have a Database Table with a Static List of Training Courses - each list item has a sort order

1- Course 1
2- Course 2
3- Course 3

I have a second Table with Student & Courses taken. The Course is linked to the above courses table.

Simon - Course 1 - 3/08/18
Bob - Course 2 - 2/8/18

I have the Student Courses displaying in a Repeating Group but I want to sort order it using the Sort order from the Training Courses table. So all Course 1’s would appear at the top.

At the moment bubble doesn’t support sort from another table and doesn’t appear to support sorting via a Linked table as it doesn’t appear in the sort options in the repeating group.

I have tried repeating group inside a repeating group but couldn’t get that working?

Any other ideas?


You could try a repeating group that is a Search for Training Courses (sorted by number), and then inside the cell, another repeating group that is a Search for the other Table with a constraint: Course = Current Cell’s Course.

Only the Student Courses would be listed in the cell of the course they belong to. And since the outer list of course is sorted, you’d have all student courses 1, then 2, 3, etc.

I hope I’m understanding your structure correctly. Try that out!

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Thanks Gaby will give it a go and report back

@romanmg genius - that worked perfectly.

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