Advanced search filtering using tags

Hello Bubbler. This may be a topic that has appeared many times so please help me.
I have a content with “category” data. category is a list type.
User selects some categories from multiple tags and saves it in custom state.
At this time, I would like to filter the content that corresponds to the tag selected by the user.
The conditions using “intersect with” reached a disappointing point.
These are the current conditions.

Search for Contains:filterd > Advanced: This Contais’s category intersect with page’s selected tags :count >0

Selected tag: A,B
Filtering: All content containing A or B

Selected tag: A,B
Filtering: All content including A and B

What should I do to make it so?

What do you want?

To show a list of contents that have ALL selected tags or show a list of contents where the results have at least one of the selected tags?

This seems simple but I find it difficult.
If only one tag is selected, the story is simple.
However, for example, if there are three selected tags: A, B, and C.

Content) A, B, D, E
Content) B, C, D
content should not be displayed

Content) A, B, C
Content) A, B, C, D, E
Only the content of

Does this explanation make sense?

If I understand correctly, you should probably just say: Search for Contains:filtered > Advanced: This Contain’s category intersect with page’s selected tags : count is page’s selected tags : count.

Then, it will only show if the intersection has as many tags as the selected tags, which means, they should be same.

That was amazing and perfect. Thank you for replying so quickly.

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