Advanced Statistics in Bubble

Does Bubble support advanced statistics or are there ways to implement a search to narrow down data. I have outliers in my data currently, that I don’t want used in the average of my current data. Also, if there is not a native way to do this in bubble, does anyone know of any plugins to help with this?


Explore Mixpanel. Bubble has a deep integration with this service.

Does this work for number data? From reading about it, it seems like it’s just a tracker of how users use your website.

I’d think that it’s easiest to just use your own filters. They can be static (filter the list to only include things in a range of min to max) or dynamic, where you can take the whole list and get the median and then filter out any things that have a number > median *2 OR < median /2 or something like that.

PS: To make it truly dynamic, you can probably determine the standard deviation of the list and then exclude things outside the bell curve.