Adverts in Repeating Group

Hi. Anyone managed to successfully implement the idea above? or is it even possible using bubble?

there was a thread on it but went silent… thanks

It will be quite hard to do something like …


etc as inserting something in the middle would be tricky - you could display something every x over the top, but that would hide the real data.

What you could do is have a hidden group in each RG cell, and only display it every x rows. If you had “Collapse height when hidden” on then it would expand out a single cell and have the advert above the group.

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I asked that question but I stopped using Bubble. I thought about something that I did not implement to see if it would really work. I don’t have at hand all the right names of parameters now but I’ll write here the idea and you see if it helps:

I remember it is possible to place as data on the cell of the repeating group a reference to an index of the result set. So, with that, instead of using currentItem use something such as currentItemId + (currentItemId / 5). This would allow you to show the right data on the cells because of the skipped ones. It has to be an integer division.

Then you actually could have two containers on the cell, one for advertising and the other for data. The one for adverstising should be visible only if the division of current cell id by the desired number has no remainders (and the opposite for the data container)

Merge or intersect with another data type and then group by common field.

or try some sort of ranking that you control. So you can say adverts always come in place 4 & 8 out of ten. So you have a rank and it’s sorted by this once the data is merged?

Someone figured out this solution, but I’m mobile so I don’t have time to search the forum. I’ll simplify the idea though. It requires a RG with a collapsed group at the bottom of your cell content. If you want to use an advert every let’s say every odd or even cell, you use a conditional to make the group visible using a modulo calculation. Inside the group, insert the ad.

I made a quick demo. Let me know if you have any questions.

Here’s the editor link
Editor Link

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