Advice about Default User Record

I am adding a user record in User database for a specific reason and I would like your advice if this is the proper way to do it.

In the User database each field has a default field initialized already but because I have created users before creating all the fields, it’s not easy to initialize all the old users.

For example, I just added Avatar (image) field recently, and I put a default image. But all old users were created before… So instead of editing all users manually, I added a new default user record with all default values + default avatar image and in Page Loaded workflows I will add (If current user avatar image IS EMPTY, modify to set it with default user Avatar.

Is this the proper way to do it, or there is a more efficient way?

Alternatively create an API workflow to update the new fields to default values and then run it for users without avatars using a Data View.


I’d go with Nigel’s suggestion here. This is a common thing I’ve done in all my apps, part of my own little “admin” console. I build an API workflow, and on my dashboard, I place a button that sets it in motion. When it’s done, I remove the button and all is well in the world. It’s pretty efficient for me, but can take a bit depending on the number of users you are iterating over.


Very similar thing can be achieved using the “Bulk” button on the app data tab. (Which runs an API workflow on items being viewed/selected there.)

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