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Advice for building "instant update" message features?

I have a messaging feature in my app, and a paid service called Phone-A-Pro that uses messaging with video attachments. Phone-A-Pro allows people to purchase a remote video tutorial for a single trick with a pro skater.

My messenger is a reusable element that displays data type Conversations. When users utilize the paid service a data type Call is created, and connected to the Conversation. After the user sends 2 attachments in the Conversation, workflows make changes to the Call and update the “Call Deny” field to yes. When “Call Deny” is yes, message inputs are hidden and new messages are disabled for the user, but the thread remains accessible.

So, my issue is a database/workflow lag. If I purchase a Phone-A-Pro, and open the message thread I can send an unlimited amount of videos, and even though the database is updating, and the “Call Deny” is being triggered, the corresponding workflows aren’t hiding the message inputs. Once I refresh the page the workflows activate, and the inputs are hidden.

I’m guessing I am off track for optimizing something here? Any help is appreciated. Ultimately it’s workable, but I would definitely prefer getting it optimal rather than workable. Happy to share screenshots/links if it’s helpful.