Advice for pay-as-you-go pricing using Bubble?

Anyone have advice or experience using a pay-as-you-go pricing model in Bubble? Similar to how AWS and Zapier pay-as-you-go pricing model works.

Would Stripe be a good payment processor for this kind of pricing model?

Setting up the workflows for variable/dynamic pricing seems possible in Bubble by doing calculations based on what the users does, but how can that be charged on the user’s card by something like Stripe behind the scenes? It wouldn’t have to open the Stripe/payment processor window every time would it?

Not if you save the user’s CC info

What do you mean by that?

Yes there are options for that on Stripe.
It is like a recurring subscription but you can change the amount everytime.

So yes totally doable, without your customer to give authorization everytime !

Small scale quicker setup you can do all logic on your side and just bill the card on file on each billing cycle automatically on backend. Make sure you have card saved allowing for offline charges. if you’re a mid/low budget startup with no cashflow yet and wanting to launch fast this is what I’d recommend.

Pros: faster setup, cheaper if you’re hiring someone to implement, plugins already available on store,

Cons: chargebacks are harder to get stripe/bank to side with you due to usage history not being metered in stripe, payment cycle has to be bubble managed & if bubble scheduled workflows have a bug your payment system is impacted.

However, if you want to do it the right way and have plug-in setup experience and the time/budget then I’d recommend using stripes usage based billing subscriptions.

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