Advice for setting up Data Types - 1 vs 2?

I want to set up a data type for prospective new employees (Applicants), and each applicant has to complete an evaluation form during the interview process. If the applicant is hired, their evaluation responses would become part of their personal profile going forward. So my question is - would it be better to create a Data Type for Applicants, and a separate Data Type for Evaluations (capturing the applicant’s responses)…and link the evaluation to the applicant? Or, would it be better to just include the evaluation questions in the Applicant data type and capture it all in the one table? Or, does it not really make a difference? What would be the pros/cons of each?


Hi there, @j21… if I was doing what you described, I would almost certainly have a separate data type for evaluations, and the main reason I would do that is so there could be multiple evaluations associated with the same employee, and maybe only one of those evaluations would be “active” at any given time. Even if I thought I would never need to have multiple evaluations for employees, I would probably still use a separate data type just in case because there really isn’t any harm in going that route.

Hope this helps.


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That was the logical light bulb I needed. Thanks, Mikeloc!

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@mikeloc is right.

I always find it helpful to defer to the linguistic way of looking at it.

An applicant and an evaluation are fundamentally different things (or, you could say, Things :wink: ).

For example, applicants have a name, date of birth, gender, possibly a phone number, etc. You can’t break those down any further. Applicants also have an Evaluation, but an evaluation has lots of answers. Therefore, Applicants and Evaluations are just different things. ‘Applicants also have an Evaluation’ translates to ‘the Applicant data type needs an Evaluation field (of the Evaluation data type)’.