Advice for Stripe integration for a Sub with adjustable 1 off

Hi friends,

I’ve found plugins and tutorials for the API connector for 1x charges and plugins for subscriptions, but how would you handle a stripe integration if you needed to charge for both a subscription plus a one-time charge included?

The One-Time charge needs to be a variable quantity with graduated pricing, which rules things like the Stripe Pricing Table out, b/c they don’t offer graduated pricing (cheaper as quantity increases) for one-time products yet in their UI (specifically speaking to their pricing table element). From what I’ve seen and tried so far, I can’t setup a sub on the Stripe side either, due to the dynamic quantifier for the one-off purchase (unless I overlooked something)

I really do not want to force them into two checkouts to complete their transaction.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.

I would create a setup intent to allow charging a customer without them being present. You can also charge for the first payment during checkout and enable the subscription afterwards, if you have permission to use their card.

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