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Advice on building special pages for certain logins

So what I want to do is have a person set up certain accounts for others. Those accounts will allow you to access special unique pages of the site as well as some shared pages between the two. So basically there would be two very distinct set of users. One would be business owners and the other project managers.

I want to allow business owners to submit proposals for projects to project managers. The project managers would then get a copy of that proposal and take action.

What would be the best way to go about this?

And a further question. Can we have users be parents of other users? Can a user in the app create a new user?

For example if I was manager and I was setting up permissions in my app for my employees. I want to set a yes/no for each user.

So create a text field on the user and call it whatever you want (Type, Title, Access, whatever). On the page you only want accessible to a certain type of user have a workflow that says when the user isnt signed in or current user type isnt (whatever special type you have attributed to the user), go to index. Now on the users dashboard page add a text element or a link that sends them to the page you created. hide the text or link and have a condition on it that says, when current users type is (whatever you set), this element is visible. If you are only having 1 type of extra user type you can make it a yes/no on the user instead of a text. Now you just have to create somewhere in the signup or on an admin page that specifies what type of user each person is.

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