Advice on conditional formatting

We have conditional formating on an element that’s inside a repeating group. We want the element to display for the user only if the user is approved to see the parent group’s category. There are up to 12 different categories a user could be approved for and I feel like the conditionals are getting long. We have it set up and it’s working but I would love some advice on how to better simplify it. Our goal is if they haven’t been approved for all the previous categories (they have to be done in order) they can’t access the subsequent categories.
Here’s one of the conditionals (we have 12 - one for each category - but the conditionals get longer with each category).

Any feedback on how we can simplify what we have set up would be greatly appreciated!

Then just leave it and move onto the next feature

LoL touché! I definitely said to myself - “maybe I shouldn’t touch it”.

BUT :laughing: as is it makes it hard to edit it to add in a category down the road.

This condition looks like a nightmare indeed. Are you sure it works correctly? Bubble usually executes stuff with a strict left to right logic and there are no brackets so I found longer conditions like this one nearly unpredictable (but that might just be my limited mind).

Not knowing your application I still would guess this can be done radically simpler. Have you considered to manage permissions as a “Thing” type of tag that can be applied to the Post and the user and you simply set the condition to see where they match?

Not sure I completely understand what your overall setup is but would doing that conditional “test” on page load & setting a custom state (approved = yes/no) make things easier?
Then each element can simply check the custom state for yes/no instead of having to do that horrible looking test!