Advice on data structure

Hiya folks. I need a bit of advice about a new app’s back-end. The details:

  • The idea is to assess an organisation based on a set of questions.
  • There are 80 or so questions that need answering on each organisation being assessed

I was thinking about creating two objects: one called “organisation” that has field information related to the org (name, address, etc), and another called “questions” and having a field that is tied to the organisation. I suppose the other option would be to have a 80 fields for the answers in each organisation.

Anybody have any thoughts?


Likely, you’d find that your questions will change as you get a better grasp of your app.

If the 80 or so questions relates to ways to segment companies (i.e. company size, industry, ARR, etc.) you’d probably want to tokenize the segment options as a separate data type and then attach the data entry to the company datatype.

So under the “Company” datatype you would want to create a field with the “Questions” datatype. Make sure to select the list option.

Honestly though, the more you explain the use case the better someone can help find the right solution, not just this one.


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in addition to what you propose with datatype organisation and questions, when questions are answered, e.g. when next button is clicked or an inputs value is changed I would propose the creation of a third datatype called answer.
This would have the fields: question, answer text, organisation answered by and will help to record answers.

I created a tutorial on questionnaires not long ago that may help.

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