Advice on server plans? Potential (20k++ views/ hour)

Hi everyone, a project mine will be posting a promotion with an instagrammer with 10m follower. We’re kinda working on tourism industry and we’re expecting to give free tours as part of the promotion where we want people to signup to our website. I’m expecting around 20-30k clicks for an hours to a bubble website but currently my plan is in personal. The link will lead to a simple landing page although they can navigate to our main content which is a marketplace.

We don’t really have much capital since we’re univ student (the instagrammer is our friend, so she gives it to use for free) but I’d like to know what you think about the server.

Anybody have experience with burst clicks from marketing to bubble server?

  1. Is a personal plan enough to handle this or do I have to upgrade and to which plan do you recommend for this size?
  2. Do I need to inform bubble for region optimization ?

In the long term, off course we hope to get funding from VCs and we would scale the server!

Let me know if you want to visiting Japan too since we can do tours for you!

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