Advice re recreation of page


I am hoping for some advice on the best way to set things up. I have a fully functioning page using a repeating group for meeting room bookings. This allows users to book via a button or they can see its already booked and who to.

This is for one day only which is where I need advice. I was thinking that via date picker a user could pick a date in the future, a workflow would check if the page existed and if not create one as a clone from the original with a page name of the chosen date and reset the inputs. If a page with that date already existed then it would go to that page and not reset the inputs. Is this the best way forward and does anyone know what that workflow would look like?

Thanks for your help in advance.


@john6 - I think it would help to have a better understanding of what your app does and what your concept of pages is. Would you mind sharing a bit more about your app?

Generally speaking, pages act in one of three ways (note: making a generalization)

  1. Static pages (like the landing page of your website where you explain your product)
  2. Reporting-based pages (like a list of product results in a search or information conveyed through an admin dashboard)
  3. Template-based pages (like Yelp’s individual results for a restaurant or an individual user’s Facebook profile page).

When you’re building an app, a lot of the time, you’re using “templates” versus creating multiple pages. To achieve this, you’re loading data from the database into that “template.” (Ie. you only need to have created that page one time).

If the content doesn’t exist, you can create a new record in the database, then direct the user to the new page using that newly-created object along with the details provided in the inputs.

That may be a bit to digest. So I’ll follow-up with a few tutorials once you’re able to share a bit more about the project.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 15+ hours of Bubble tutorials and live coaching)

Hi Dan

Thanks for the response. Here is a link to the editor, this is just a copy so you can do anything you want in there if you like. Basically what you’re looking at is ‘Today’. I was going to insert a date picker so that you could then select a date and see the same thing, what rooms are booked, what are available etc, this is where I’m struggling to understand the best way forward. Hopefully that makes sense!

Thanks again,


I would recommend first building a stronger foundation in database structures and searches. There are a number of good tutorials out there (between the forum, my site and others out there) that can help. With that foundation, you should be able to come to a few solutions faster.