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Advice - where to get commonly used elements (popups, avatars, user cards, nice Repeating groups, etc)

Hello, Bubblers!

How are you doing? I write to you today for asking, for those of you who prioritize moving forward fast in projects, instead of “redesigning the wheel”, how you obtain typical elements (inputs, popups, cards, etc). With high-quality design, mobile-first/responsive. In order to avoid the need to design every element. Which is fine to do so ahead, but not for the MVP.

This as I come from leading IT projects, I’m sure pro bubble devs have sources to implement quick & fast common elements. Like the “bootstrap” used in regular coding but for bubble

Just point me in the right direction if it’s thru a template, source, or whatever to start copy-pasting and putting in the brand’s colors and text. That would be AWESOME!

Take care!

try frames by @gregjohnkeegan and @jameore. also check atomic fusion by @neilpierce


Thanks @adunniola ! Both look awesome! I’ve written to @neilpierce in order to get invited to Atomic Fusion!

I’ve downloaded Frames! But it looks a bit blocking that it only works on a 960px page width apps… I have kicked off mine with regular 1200px…

Is there any workaround for Frames?

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For frames, if you have upgraded to the new responsive engine, you can use 1280px it works really well. Always think of design in multiples of 320px. I learnt this from @jameore and @gregjohnkeegan. Also check out their camps. They are design gurus

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