Affiliate section in sup app or the same app

I want to create Affiliate section for my website , is it better to create new app with new user’s credentials [Signup /Login] and connect it with the existing website or create it in the same website with the same credentials ?

@ciscotreasure I’ve never had to deal with that situation but I’d personally create it in the same website, I think you would save a lot of time on configuration

What would be the main advantage of creating it in a new app?

Thanks @ambroisedlg for the replay, actually I’ve noticed that most of the affiliate section in each website have different credentials than the signup/login credentials in the same website!

  • I think the advantage of creating sup-app for affiliate is to have specific role for those users and helps to find those users ( who wants to use affiliate program ) faster when we use " Search users " conditions .
  • I have already built the affiliate section but i’m a little confused if there are any important differences between sup app or keep the affiliate section within the same app !

If in the same app, you could have a data type Affiliate, a field Affiliate (of type Affiliate) in User, create an Affiliate and add it to User when User becomes an affiliate? Then wouldn’t Search for Users constrained by Affiliate isn’t empty solve that?

I’m just thinking that the data exchange configuration for two apps to communicate together might be time-consuming compared to doing it in the same app. Interested to know what direction you’ll be taking though

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