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After a scam...where to find freelance help?

Hi! As my app grows, I find myself needing more help, and I would love to have a reliable Bubble expert who could either build or advise on how I could do it myself. Where do you find freelancers for Bubble?

I currently have a list of things that I need to do, for instance, I need to focus on user experience and rework my user interfaces, and I definitely need help with that. I need help setting up APIs (Pexels & Spotify for starters).

I have looked on Upwork, fiverr & Malt. I had an experience a couple months ago with a so-called Bubble expert on Upwork trying to scam me by getting me on a fake freelancer site. So needless to say, one cancelled card later, I am a bit wary.

I tried contacting an agency on the bubble site, but they only build apps from the ground up, with starting budgets well out of my reach.

Any advice appreciated!

Hmm. Not good.

There are definitely good freelancers and agencies out there

Have you considered a bootcamp or coaching so that you yourself are more aware of what is going on and why?

e.g. Coaching | Bubble or Bootcamp | Bubble

I’ll DM you a specific upwork profile as well


Thanks! I’ve responded to your DM.

In regards to the bootcamps and coaching, I don’t know that those are exactly fit for what I’m wanting to do. I’d looked into it, but I think now I would much rather someone come in and do it for/with me! Building with bubble has been taking me ages at this point, and I would really like someone to come in and get things done, whereas me doing it would take 20x longer.

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You can get in touch with Thierry Martin

His speciality is peer programming and he’s kind and expert



Hey @amytabarly :wave:

That really stinks that someone tried to scam you. That’s no fun. It’s frustrating to hear these stories for sure. :cry:

I recommend going through the Bubble Coaching page to get a legitimate coach since they have higher ethical standards they need to follow to stay on that page. Otherwise, maybe Bubble will remove their profile.

As a coach myself, I work with my clients and teach them how to do things using an annotation tool (just an arrow on the screen). This helps in learning by doing. If I just did the work for them, it wouldn’t be as helpful. Since they do all the clicks themselves it helps them remember. Also, by working in their current project, this allows them to get work done faster. They will always be able to go back and look at what we’ve done before to remind themselves how it worked too.

Hope that helps! :blush:


For All Your No-Code Education Needs:

I just played around with the Spotify API myself. What exactly do you want to do? Maybe I can help you to help yourself.

Hi amytabarly.
I work as a Bubble freelancer, I can help you both building what you need, or teaching you to build it yourself.
Send me a message if you are interested, so that we can have a video call to move on.

Hi @Sarah_Esteve , Thanks for the recommendation. Has he built something for you?

I am working on this website and providing templates for bubblers.

Most of the templates are free and most customizations cost less than US$100. Let me know if you want a customized template. I’d be happy to help!