After Clearing a RepeatingGroup the Conditional Formatting's data source isnt used

Good Day!

I’m working on a Search function for my App. I have a RepeatingGroup which shows the Search Results, a CheckBox which is used as an additional filter and a button which “resets” the RepeatingGroup.

To show the different results when the checkbox is checked, i used conditional formatting to change the data source.

And here is the workflow of the button:

It resets the group in which the search options are in, clears the RepeatingGroup and fills it in with the standard data source.

The problem is: After I Press the button, the RepeatingGroup doesnt use the datasources I specified in the conditional formatting. It seems to stick to the datasource given by the workflow, even though the condition is still shown in the inspector and also shows the correct data which the group should show.

Is this a bug or just me not using the right action? I personally dont like that i have to clear and refill the repeatinggroup to reset it.

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