After Hours Design and Development

Hello there i know what you are thinking “Oh great another discord of people”. Well let me tell you about us and who we are. We are After Hours Design and Development we go for what you want and get what you need. We offer many things over here including…
VPS hosting
Custom Car skins
Custom Ped Skins
Custom Logos
Animation intros
And much more…

We have a team of people who have spent an extreme amount of time and effort in their work and go for perfection for what they do.
We also love to host giveaways on a regular basis.

Maybe you just want help on future projects.
Well over here we have a group of talented people who have experience ranging from all over that is willing to help out on anything you need.

Does any of this fit you?
If so come and join our discord and see what else we can do for you.

https: //dis cord. gg/ AfehdCZ

We have added 2 new designers to our team that make ELS models.

I’m glad you guys are making a decent company and whatnot, and some of your car skins look really good, but if you don’t make CAD/MDT systems, why are you advertising on here? I can understand if you’re advertising CAD/MDT systems and these other products, but you don’t offer any CAD systems.

Added another Dev to our growing setup we now offer 8 styles of products to build your FiveM community.

We have added another Dev onto our Team to help with Bots and Websites

We have added another Dev who makes CADS to out list