After nativised, how to analysze user behavior?

Is there a way to record user behavior and observe the time spent on each screen when trying to simulate screen transitions on the same page, such as in native applications?

I’m currently trying to implement a native app, and instead of page transitions, I’m doing page transitions pseudo-actively by making objects visible or hidden on the same page. However, I think that if each page is separated, it would be possible to observe the time spent on each page using Google Analytics, etc., when estimating where users stumble or what buttons are used to perform actions when they come to the site. However, I think it is difficult to record such user behavior in a bubble when screen transitions are performed on the same page.

Hi Kazzy

I haven’t thought about this very long but if there is no plugins available for this then the only possible solution I can think of would be to create a workflow for to create a “new thing” and “make changes to a thing” every time a button is clicked to log the time a group was visible and stopped being visible. have a look at the photos I’ve uploaded and let me know if this is of any help or if you need me to illustrate in more detail.

the only problem is then when user leaves the page/app without clicking on any buttons within the app/page. I guess that is when you can combine your data with google analytics?

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Hello, Khazaei.
Thank you for replying.

This is a method that I had never imagined. Thank you very much.
Indeed, this way we may be able to record the time spent by our users.


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