Aggregate in advanced filter data leak

Hello guys,

I need to create a dropdown with a list of item filtered based on their availability in time period. Basically to calculate this availability I search for total number of items and substract number of items booked for that time period.

However there is a data leak when I use advanced filter. When you make search for : count in most places in app → bubble returns just the number of items. However when you do this in :filter it returns the number of items to be calculated in the front end. So basically it downloads all my orders for particular time period with information when they were made (I’ve hide almost all information about orders but still).

I more or less figure out how to solve problem in repeating groups. I just hide rows for products where number of items in inventory - number of items booked is 0 (it still shares information on my inventory and number of orders in particular time).

Do you have any idea how can I overcome it?

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