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🖥 Agora Video Conferencing (WebRTC) and Streaming with Cloud Recording - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Hi, @soojungish!

This field is in test mode, so it has no effect on the Agora connector. Please make sure that you have set all the conditions in the groups and IDs.

Could you please clarify what are you trying to achieve here to help you better?

Zeroqode Team

Hi, @feee!

Apologies for the slow reply!

We are reaching out to you to notify that we have updated the plugin “Fixed issue with continuing streaming after closing window”. Please upgrade the plugin to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try again.

ZQ Team

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Have the WebRTC set up and everything is working just fine. I’m looking at the stats on the Agora Development Center and wonder how/if I can limit the resolution from each user feed. We’re running digital game shows with lots of participants in different rooms. It makes quite a difference cost wise if the end up with Agoras HD or HD+…

In your documentation I saw a settings tab on the Agora Connector that was set to “HD” but in the Agora Connector in my app, there is no such thing.

Can I, somehow, limit the resolution?

Thanks for an awesome plugin! //Gustav

Hi, there!
Thanks for reaching out!

Here is where you are able to set the resolution in Agora Streaming element:

For the Agora Connector, the resolution is set automatically based on the properties and capabilities of the device. Please, explore this link that might be helpful:

Could you please verify if you are using the latest plugin version?

Zeroqode Team