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Agrifintech web and mobile application


I’m new on the forum! I would like to build an agrifintech web and mobile app using bubble. I’m open to any advice, orientation and/or professional offer.

Thanks in advance

Hi @emelyne.bahanda

Welcome to bubblemania :slight_smile:

You can build almost anything here, grifintech model too.

For the mobile app, at the moment the best option is reading the following post:

10 min. Native App in 2020 iOS & Android :large_blue_diamond:

What questions do you have? I’ll try to answer as many of them as I possibly can!

HI John Mark, thank you for your quick reply and your warm welcome message.

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Hi, do you know any agency or freelancer who can help? Thanks

Hey @emelyne.bahanda,

I’d be happy to chat to see if I could help you with this if you’re looking for a freelancer. I’ll send you a pm now. :slight_smile: Welcome to Bubble.

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Thanks a mil Jacob! Looking forward to chatting with you. Best

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