AI Expert + Bubble design

Hello everybody!

I’m looking for a bubble expert who can implement a particular feature on my web-app: “smile design” application for dentistry.

The smile design is an application used by dentists to give the their customers a preview of how they would look like with a perfect smile (whitened and aligned teeth, or with use of veneers).

There are a few example on the web but none of them are easy-to-use for the user.

I need to use AI to allow the user to click the “upload a selfie” button and create - in few seconds - a before and after based on action selected by the user (actions can be: teeth whitening, teeth alignment or application of veneers)

I think stable diffusion is the best choice for this case but I’m open to proposals eventually.

The following images are an example of what I need to achieve.

I’'m not an AI expert but I guess there’s some AI model that will need to receive instructions to be able to accurately and effectively transform every single uploaded selfie into one with perfect aligned and/or whitened teeth.
That’s why I need one who is both a bubble and AI expert.

If you think you’re able to achieve this, please reach out to me, explaining why you think you’re the right person for this project attaching some example of AI project you worked on, preferably related to images and not simply chatGPT integration.

Thank you in advance for reading!

This might be harder than you think. Image generation is generally awkward for things like fingers and teeth (too many fingers, not the right numbers or positions of teeth etc) and trying to get it to morph into a post treatment version presents a whole host of challenges. You might have to sit this one out (for a few months or a few years depending on who you listen to) to wait for the tech to catch up.

Best of luck though, it’s a cool idea!


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