Air Calendar Drag between resources


I recently bought the “Air Calendar (Full Calendar)” plugin and I am experiencing a bug.

I am trying to move my appointments between my resources and the plugin isn’t allowing it, even I selecting the option “Allow draggin between resources”.

Anyone can help me?


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Hi @rpetribu - I know a month has gone by. I’m looking to do the same thing, and get the same result. I was hoping the updates from when @ZeroqodeTeam took over the plugin this might start working (Alas). Did you figure out how to make the dragging work?

BTW - I note on your screenshot that it asks for a valid license. Did getting a paid license make a difference?

Hi @rick4 !

After the effort from Zeroqode and the several updates made in the last weeks, i don’t have any more problems! Note that you NEED to create a workflow to “save” the changes made at the calendar in your database. The plugin will not save theese changes automatically…