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Air Copy to clipboard only works with button workflow

Greetings fellow Bubblers,

I’m using plugin “Air Copy to clipboard” to copy text to the user’s clipboard. I have it working great as a workflow action using “copy to clipboard” for a button. But trying to use the same action with “on page load” it doesn’t work. Any ideas? Either using this plugin or a different trick to achieve this?


@akalati After doing some testing I am also getting the same result. Unless i use step by step mode in the debugger, it does not copy the text. My test page was an input with a static initial content text. And a workflow when page loads entire, copy text using that input’s value. Maybe a bug?

Thanks for taking the time to test! Seems like it. The plugin docs and various forum posts don’t talk about the workflow action being accessible only via button workflows. Frustrated since I need this to work on page load and have no other way to trigger that.