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Hey guys! Glad to hear someone will be managing these plugins! What an interesting turn of events.

So, i am using the air date/time picker. I have an issue with the picker going off-screen when positioned too close to the edge. This would likely be a JS positioning fix. is this something you would be able to address. I can work around the issue for now.

Hi @jared.gibb, thanks for noticing this issue.

Allow us to check it with the developer team. As soon as we will have an update in this regards, we will notify you.

Just in case, please check if you are (not) using the “Automatically position date\time” option in plugin element settings. Screenshot by Lightshot - maybe it is also influencing your issue.

Zeroqode Support Team

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Will do! I missed that setting. Thanks guys. I’ll check it out asap

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Hi @jared.gibb, it has been a while since our last message regarding your issue.
There was no error found in regard to the picker going off-screen.

In addition to the previous advice (to use the “Automatically position date/time” option) allow me to recommend using Horizontal position “right”

See the video for reference:

Hope it helps.


Zeroqode Support Team

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