Air Time Picker - Conditions Not Working?

Hi all, @seanhoots

I have two Air Date/Time Picker elements set to only show time (don’t need date).
The first is called ‘Opening Hour’ the second is ‘Closing Hour’. I’m trying to prevent the ‘Closing Hour’ from being accidentally set to an earlier time to ‘Opening Hour’ using a Condition to flag up the error as below:

However, this is not working and the condition doesn’t seem to trigger. I’ve also tried using a State to set the Closing Hour as invalid (state) when its input is changed to an earlier time than the Opening Hour but it also will not work.

For example setting the first line below with an Opening Hour of 7pm, so the Closing Hour input should have a red border if I set it earlier than 7pm. However I’m able to set it to 6pm without the condition triggering.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Have you debugged if the value is actually filled?
I think I remember occasions where the value was actually unset and the date was only visible in the value list.

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Interesting thank you - I’ve just tried referencing the list and its still not working.

However, I’ve figured out that the issue is only in a repeating group:
Below you can see it working outside a RG, but within a RG it’s not working.

@seanhoots please can you advise as well?

Just want to bump this up

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