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🏡 AirBNB Template from Zeroqode updated with Stunning Design


Hey Bubblers,
One of Zeroqode’s oldest and most popular templates - HomeBNB Rentals like AirBNB - has received a major design upgrade and now looks stunning! The functionality of the template has also been upgraded for a smoother experience.

Here is a youtube overview:

or click here for a live demo:

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Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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here is the right thread: 🐦 Twitter User Oauth - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Thanks, I’ve just posted there. I’ll delete my comment.


Can we customize this template in the following (either though adding plugins or if it’s already a feature for the template):

1.add different categories (e.g home, hotel)
2. Add different features (E.g size (s,m,l), wifi, 24/7 support etc)
3. Is the messaging an email between vendor and customer or the app tracks all the messages
4. Can we have recurring payments, eg. for long term rentals ( 3-4 months) do we need 3-4 rentals, or we can have in rental with payments being discounted every month from customer?
5.can we set Service fees for every transaction and the app will handle payment?
6. Is there any payment gateway that supports Brazilian credit cards (master, visa) without paying foreign fee. I’m not sure if stripe is well used over there.
7. Can we add KYC with id verification?
8. Can a vendor add multiple postings options for the same place: e.g ( full house, one price, 1 room another price)
9. Can the vendor add discounts in the platform( e.g first month 50% off, others normal price)
10. Is there any plugin for mail marketing and support for users (e.g users trying to resolve a dispute and we intermediating)

Tks in advance,


Hey All, we have significantly improved the documentation for this template, please find it here:

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode
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