AirDate/TimePicker v2 - Clearing/resetting issue

I can’t get the AirDate/TimePicker to reset or clear when data is displayed into a group.
The group is shown when a cell within a repeating group is selected.

When the group is loaded the dates are fine initially, but when a new thing is selected from the repeating group, the old date range is still visible and doesn’t update.

Because this is a reuseable element and activated by selecting the item from the RG, I don’t have the ability to clear the date on load/reload.

Air Date picker Bug
The clip above shows the issue, I refreshed the page in the middle and you can see the second date is then permanent.

Does anyone have any suggestions to a solution to this.
I’ve wasted way too much time trying to figure out different hacks but nothing has worked for me.


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hey @rory.mulligan!

you are totally right, this seems like a new bug. I noticed that it works in step-by-step so I added a delay before the “clear” action and boom, it works!

check this out: (24)


hope it works for you!