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[AirDev Canvas] 17 popup templates for your Bubble apps and more!

Hi Bubblers,

You can now add popups directly to your pages using the Canvas Portal. To kick-start things, we’ve created 17 common types:

We’ve also added a new menu page template and listing details module.

Enjoy! Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.



@stephanie with the Stripe popup, any tips on saving the results the user inputs? I can’t seem to even find the fields in the workflow?


@stusim Please ensure that you’ve added Bubble’s stripe plugin (via the Plugins tab in the Bubble editor). You should be able to find the stripe workflow actions in the workflows tab after adding the plugin.

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Thanks, yes, so the idea is to create a new “thing” which is the cc info?

Something like this?

Hi @stusim,

The credit card information should be stored via the Stripe plugin “collect the user’s CC information”:
Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 11.19.10 AM

For more information, please reference bubble’s stripe plugin documentation

@stephanie Thanks…I guess I still can’t see how to initiate the next workflow after the user fills out all the data?


I added a standard page and standard repeating group with image module to my app yesterday. Read the documentation but wasn’t able to make the three items within the repeating group have different images (i.e. when I change one they all change to the same content). I know you can ungroup elements but when I did that some of the functionality disappeared.

I tried for 2 hours without luck so I deleted the page (twice) from Bubble. The first time it showed a re sync icon which I clicked to get it back. The second time I deleted from Bubble it deleted but weirdly enough, it still appears in my Canvas account, see below).

I’d like to create the page again, properly this time. What’s the best way to make the images and words within the 3 “product” elements different while keeping the same format? What did I miss? And how do I re sync the page without creating a new one again.

Many Thanks!

@stusim, could you please provide an editor link (or DM me the app name, page, if [email protected] is a collaborator)

Hi @lizzyazuya,

You would need to change the Repeating Group data source and update the bubble elements in that group to refer to current cell’s data object.

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How about re-syncing the deleted page? or deleting it from Canvas side to avoid confusion. Doesn’t look like such an option exists (removing from canvas)

Hi @lizzyazuya,

That is a great suggestion! Unfortunately, we’re unable to continuously check if a page has been deleted from your app. We could add an option in the Canvas Portal where users can manually hide a deleted page or error page from their ADDED PAGES list.

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