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[Airdev Canvas] 22 Free API templates

Hi Bubblers,

At Airdev, we have built hundreds of client projects for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Canvas was not only created from our experience but also out of necessity—we needed a scalable way to build high quality apps, every time.

To recap, here are some of the Canvas products we’ve launched last year:

  • Canvas Base Template 3.0: Start with our base template to save you hundreds of hours on your app development

  • Canvas chrome extension (Canvas Library): Easily add fully responsive Bubble pages and blocks to your app

  • Marketing Page Builder (example): Create fast html/css marketing pages for your app with pre-built marketing blocks

As part of our theme to help Bubblers save development hours, we’re very excited to share with the community a new feature called API templates. Starting today, you can add API templates to your app straight from our Canvas chrome extension. Each API will include a few calls that are pre-populated, and you can use them as templates for any other calls.

How do I get these API templates?

  1. Get the Canvas Base Template and follow the launch checklist to register your app and download the extension

  2. Go to your app editor and open the Canvas chrome extension to add an API template

What APIs are included?

We will be adding more APIs in the future. For this initial release, we have the following APIs and calls:

  • Spotify
    Spotify OAuth with get featured playlists, top artists, and profile calls

  • Bubble Data API
    Create thing(s), retrieve a thing, and modify a thing

  • Youtube
    Search all videos, get a specific YouTube video, and list videos calls

  • Zepto (previously Split Payments)
    Create unassigned agreement, payment request, make a payment, cancel payment request (from client), delete/void payout, cancel unassigned agreement, update a contact, add anyone contact, cancel agreement (backup), update a contact (no bank), get a contact, get a bank connection, and remove a contact

  • Dwolla
    Create a verified customer and initiate a payment calls

  • Plaid
    Exchange public token for access token, exchange access token for Dwolla token, get balance, and list accounts calls

  • Discord
    Get discord profile, send message to discord webhook, and get guild channels calls

  • Facebook OAuth
    Get my details, share post to my Facebook timeline, see user permissions, see user profile pic, and get live video link (start stream)

  • Google OAuth
    Get user’s profile

  • Google Analytics
    Get count of all page views and number of clicks

  • SendGrid
    Send basic email

  • Twilio
    Send SMS

  • HelloSign
    Send with template

  • Eversign
    Create document

  • Clearbit
    Find information on someone based on an email

  • iTunes
    Get song, album, and artist information from iTunes’ music and audio recording catalog

  • Google Places
    Search places by string (data and action), get photo, and get place details

  • Shippo
    Create parcel, retrieve parcel, create a shipment, and create a shipping label calls

  • Google Sheets
    Create sheet, add a new row of data, edit a row of data, retrieve token, refresh token, and insert an empty row or column

  • Exchange rate
    Get exchange rate

  • Currency exchange rate
    Get currency exchange rate

  • Download file

Canvas is the #1 building framework for Bubble and is developed and maintained by Airdev.

Happy building! Please leave a comment below if you have any feedback or questions.

Canvas team @ Airdev