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[AirDev Canvas] Canvas Starter Template v2.3 Release

Hi Bubblers,

Over the past few months, we’ve made some significant improvements to our free Canvas Starter Template. Here’s a list of all the updates we’ve made:

New features

  • Introduced user roles and permissions. You can read more about this feature here.

  • Introduced Inclusive “yes/no” list as an option set. This is an option set that works similar to the Bubble “yes/no” data type, but adds a 3rd option that returns true for both yes and no. You can read more about this feature here. (Thank you to our partner @eli for suggesting it!)

  • Renamed “Owner’s Portal” to “Admin Portal”, “owner” role to “app admin” role, and “owner” page to “admin” page.

  • Added a filters focus group to the users tab in the admin portal.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 2.19.20 PM

Design updates

  • Updated all fonts to Inter font

  • Modified default group and buttons styles

  • Redesigned the admin page and added feather icons to the tabs. You can add a hiding rule to the icon group in the responsive engine tab if you do not want to include an icon.


Hi Stephanie,
the design looks really interesting! I just wanted to give it a try but it seems I need a professional plan in order to use canvas? I can’t add collaborators (as described in your documentation) in Bubble unless I upgrade to professional!? This would be an overkill if I simply wanted to test out canvas … just to decide whether it’s worth paying for or not for my purposes.

You can add Canvas collaborator, even with a Hobby plan. Just remove all permission.

Hi Stephanie,

Canvas’ pro plan is quite expensive for a maker. 50$/m is huge. Isn’t there an in between plan?

Also, I start working with the starter template, but haven’t found yet a clear documentation on how to set it up, and moreover, how to add my own block, based on Canvas modules. Still complicated for me, I’m quite beginner with Bubble. Is there any tutorials or guides on how to really get started with this template, add new sections,…?

Many thanks!

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Hi @Christophe_HK,

Thank you for your feedback!

You can read the Canvas starter template documentation here and watch a video demo on how to add a canvas block.

The Starter template requires intermediate to advanced Bubble knowledge. I’d strongly recommend using the Bubble forum and bubble resources to learn the Bubble basics (especially responsiveness) before you modify Canvas elements. It is likely that some of your updates will break the built-in Canvas responsive settings.

If you’d like to add your own block, the best thing to do is to duplicate an existing canvas module and make updates to it (examples can be found in the standardpage page in the template).


Hi there @stephanie and @vlad ! I have a premium Canvas account and am attempting to add a new app to my plan. Have gone through all the usual steps (several times) but it’s not populating. I suspect it’s because I had previously had another app with the same name (since deleted) linked to my account. That said, I really need to work on this project today and am at a roadblock pending resolution of this issue. Have email the team without response. Could you please assist?

Thank you!


I don’t know if the team works weekends. If the issue is really with the app, what about creating the page you want in a new/different Canvas app and copying it across?

@ts11 Apologies for the delay in responding. Just responded to to your DM - hopefully we can fix this issue soon!

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Hi there! Thanks so much for the response and no worries. @vlad and @andersan circled back Friday afternoon and we were able to get it cleared up before the weekend. Thanks again!

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@Stephanie I love the Offline Notify plugin. Is it possible to prevent a button click or a workflow if the “Connection Lost” banner is currently showing?

I can’t figure out how to do it

Hi @stephanie, where can I check to see what version of the template I’m using? Want to ensure I’ve copied over the latest and greatest.

This is the best starter template I’ve seen yet!! It’s like basically wix in a box with all the options to setup your landing page. For anyone reading this message - when you install this template, you need to “run as” one of the dev admin users (see instructions that stephanie noted). All the toggling, site setup, logo upload, configuration happens when you run as the admin user in development mode. This is amazing work on AirDev’s part.

@brad.h thank you! Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to do this with the plugin. This may be possible with some edits to the plugin but we’d need to do more research.

@gilles Thank you for your kind words. You should be able to see your template version if you go here > click into one of your registered apps

and here are the different canvas versions

I created a new app using canvas this evening, but the app database was completely blank (live and dev environtments). I thought the db used to come pre-loaded with home page block templates for example. Am I missing something?

@Zaque Thank you for flagging this. This is something we have heard from users in the past and it’s related to bubble’s feature of creating a new app from a template. I’d recommend submitting a bug report to bubble to let them know that the database doesn’t copy over when you create an app from a template. In the meantime, you could try creating a new app again with our template (this seems to work for users who have experienced this issue).

I tried deleting and recreating the app from the template several times last night. Each time the database was blank.

I guess it was related to the time, I just created a new one and it’s working now. Thanks!

Edit - have submitted a bug report, but as far as I can tell it seems to be related to the app name, not the time. If I delete, recreate the app with the same name, issue persists. Slight name change and it’s works fine.

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I just downloaded the starter template and was starting to build an app from the template and went to edit the sign-on page and found I could not edit the page since it is one object with no editable components.

How are you supposed to edit these template blocks?

If you’re using the signin/login pop-up, you can edit this pop-up. Just have a look at the header > pop-up reusable > signin/login pop-up.

I would just recommand to not delete anyhring before you understand what this pop-up, its screens and components and workflows do :wink:


I’m using the canvas starter template to test out one of our apps. I wanted to test adding a module to the existing pages that are shipped in the starter template (say admin or account) but I can’t see those pages anywhere in the mystuff -> app -> added pages

Should i add a simple page and add module there and then copy it over via bubble editor?