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[AirDev Canvas] Canvas Starter Template v2.3 Release

Yes, you can’t add a module to an existing page. I had the same question few times ago, but in fact the reason is quite simple : you could have perform lot of changes in the existing page, and the add of the module could overwrite your changes. Airdev canvas is not aware of the changes you bring to the pages.

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Hi there,

I was about to make a banner image change on my site on the canvas editor via Bubble and for some reason, the “remove image” button that was there for the right-justified homepage 2 hours ago is now gone. Both images are showing which is just so weird

Hi @mannyojigbo, could you submit a bug report here. Thank you!

Thanks @stephanie just submitted


Im using the canvas template, great product.

Is there any page-load Workflows (Triggered by the header) that is ok to delete on certain pages?

I see that its slowing down my page load significantly

(Or is there any other way to speed it up with out deleting?)