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[AirDev Canvas] Updates to the Starter Template, and New Minimalist Listing Modules

Hi all,

Have a few new modules we think you’ll enjoy, and some exciting changes to the Canvas Starter Template to make it a bit more functional for all Canvas users!

New Listing Modules and About Group

Built to serve pages with minimalist needs, this fully-responsive module includes a title text, icons with labels, star rating, description text, and tags. It’s ideal for displaying a list of fields on an object. Click here to learn more.

If you’re looking to incorporate a few more interactive features, this fully-responsive module includes tags, a button (with additional options in a menu focus group), and a progress bar. It’s ideal for displaying lists for multiple fields on an object, and allows for a bit more complexity in your listings. Click here to see more.

Finally, we have the “About Module”, a UI for displaying details about a thing. The left side of the module contains a section to display a photo (e.g., company logo or user profile). The right side contains a section to display description text and a button. Check it out below or click here!

Canvas Starter Template Updates

The Canvas Starter Template received a few updates as well. There are now a few more reusable elements added to the header we think you’ll love. These include:

All of these features and more can now be added to the header of any app using Canvas via the reusable elements tab!

We’ve also updated the flow of how an App Admin adds their contact email to an app. As of April 6, 2020, SendGrid requires new SendGrid accounts to verify any emails that are used in the “from” fields of emails via their API and to provide your address or your business’ address. You can learn more about how to set up your email here.

Lastly, we’ve added the ability for app admins to set up email templates from the Admin’s portal (user should be on a paid bubble plan to use this feature - schedule API workflow only allowed on paid bubble plans). You can read more on that here.

That’s all for now! Click here to learn more about Canvas, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.



Hi @jake2,

I’m having issues following the quickstart guide for sendgrid notifications with canvas. I have gotten through the entire flow and my email lists as verified in the admin portal, but the emails are not being sent. Few questions about the instructions to start:

Go to the Plugins tab > API connector > SendGrid API > Expand send email API call

Change the send email data type from JSON to text

Under Headers enter the following: Is this part under the send email API call or under the Shared Headers call at the top?

  • Key: Authorization | Value: Bearer yourapikey | Private

Confirm that for yourapikey, we are meant to replace with the api key from the sendgrid dashboard

Hello @Zaque,

The part of the headers depends on your Canvas version. An app I made in early June shows the old version, which just includes the Send Email API Call, where headers are specifically set on that Send Email call.:

An app made from the Canvas template right now looks like this, where the shared headers are used for the auth:

Yes, the API key should be from the Sendgrid dashboard.

Please let me know if you’re able to set this up properly.


Thanks Chris @andersan I got it working!